About Us
Alex, the founder of Shantl & Co Barber Shop, started cutting hair when he was just a kid. He went from cutting his friends' hair, to cutting their friends' hair, until he was cutting people he didn't even know.

Alex's Story
He perfected his skills as best as he could, but he knew he needed to turn tothe pros if he really wanted to become the best. It was then that he found a job in a barbershop in NewYork, where he learned the necessary skills and techniques to provide the quality cuts you are looking for. Armed with a well rounded skill set to cut hair and a vision of one day owning his own barbershop, Alex finally took action, turning his dream into a reality, and opened his first barbershop in Manhattan, New York.

The Tradition Continues
Alex and his crew are an elite team of barbers that provide top notch service to everyone; from your everyday person to pro athletes, reality stars, actors, and more. They take pride in their work providing complete attention and detail to each individual haircut making sure every cut comes out exactly how the client wants it.

We are happy to have you visit with us and hope you will enjoy your experience.

Shantl Barber Shop on The New York Times

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Shantl & Co Barber Shop
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